Pasavute passes 30 Million loan mark

Net1 Mobile Solutions, in partnership with Supa Pesa, have serviced more than 30 million airtime advance requests for the Pasavute advance airtime service, which is offered by Telekom Networks Malawi (“TNM”). This major milestone comes just 50 days after the 20 million airtime advance request milestone, highlighting the demand for advance airtime services throughout Malawi’s population of 16 million. As the service continues to grow, so too do peak daily vends, which have increased to over 226,000 airtime advances per day with no signs of slowing down.

“The overwhelming response to Pasavute from 748,000 subscribers of TNM is a resounding endorsement that this innovative solution responds directly to a problem faced by Malawians on a daily basis,” says Philip Belamant, Managing Director of N1MS. “Pasavute makes it possible for subscribers to stay connected when they need it the most, setting TNM apart as a network that takes care of its customers in their time of need.”

The service allows subscribers of TNM to purchase airtime in advance and pay the face value of the airtime voucher at a later stage. A subscriber can purchase one advance airtime voucher at a time and is charged a nominal service fee per airtime voucher purchased. N1MS’s unique and innovative pre-qualification and scoring engine evaluates whether or not a customer qualifies for the airtime advance service, and the commensurate voucher value for which they qualify. Subscribers are therefore able to borrow only what they can afford to repay.

Pasavute is available via the USSD and SMS channels provided by TNM, and both channels are free to the customer who is only charged a service fee when an advance airtime voucher is purchased.

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