Smart Card Technologies

Smart card technology is everywhere. SIM cards, chip cards, access cards, transit cards, and e-SIMs provide confidentiality and authentication. Our lives would not be the same without them.

For the last 15 years we have developed technologies and supplied smart cards to customers around the world.

we supply various smart card solutions:



Machine to Machine

Transport and Ticketing

Mobile Solutions

We are leaders in SIM card software development, winning the Department of Trade and Industry’s SPII Award for Innovation, and supplying MTN with their first working 3G SIM cards in 2005.

Our Clients include:

Our leading edge solutions include:

  • Mobile money
  • OTA provisioning
  • Roaming solutions
  • Call control solutions
  • Location based marketing

We are able to deliver products to market quickly thanks to our expertise in STK, USAT, WIB, S@T, Java Card and other technologies.

CardScope – The Smart Card APDU Viewer

Make it easy to see and understand the data transmitted to and from a Smart Card with CardScope.

CardScope is a protocol analyser that records the bytes transmitted over an ISO/IEC 7816-3 physical interface, as well as the delay times between bytes.

It’s the perfect solution for all your development and training needs.

Financial Solutions

As a business with a wealth of experience in financial services, we are ideally positioned to provide solutions to the financial sector.

We developed an award-winning mobile money application called Smart Money for Smart Communications in the Philippines. This brings banking services to the millions of unbanked and under-banked, through services such as:

Account payments

Person-to-person money transfer

Airtime top-up

…all at a lower cost than a traditional banking system.

Smart Card technologies

Enabling the safe and secure operation of network traffic, by providing the security technology for millions of SIMs yearly.

Machine to Machine (M2M)

The “Internet of Things” is a concept that sees a world in which everyday objects are connected to the internet, making themselves easily identifiable and extending their functions and purpose beyond today’s requirements. Machine to machine communication is a cornerstone of this vision.

There is a slowing in the growth of traditional mobile services. M2M solutions present mobile operators with a fast-growing source of revenue, and many of the world’s mobile operators already offer such services.

We can provide modules in all the usual form factors, as well as surface mount and environmentally hardened versions. Our SIMs can be personalised over-the-air, allowing for simplified large-scale rollouts.

We are actively involved in developing new M2M systems that aim to enhance the way in which businesses operate, simplifying and improving processes, production and performance.







Transport & Ticketing Solutions

As early as the 1970’s, mass transit agencies were using electronic ticketing, in the form of magnetic stripe technology. This has largely been replaced with contactless smart card technology.

Passengers and transit operators benefit from a faster and more efficient system that eliminates the cost of issuing tickets, eliminates cash collection, and reduces transaction acquiring fees.

We are able to implement solutions based on CIPURSE and NFC (Near Field Communications) in other areas as well:

access control


Data storage