Introducing Sun-e-light, the solar powered lamp that charges up your life and connects you to the world. Aimed at those with little or no access to electricity, the Sun-e-light provides light as either a lamp or a torch, charges any kind of mobile phone and even lets you access the internet as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Light up a world of opportunities:

solar powered lamp

It’s a solar powered lamp that will light up your home.


It’s a lantern that can be used to move around safely at night.


It’s a charger for your mobile phones, making sure you can keep talking.

wifi device

It’s a WIFI device, connecting you to the internet and a world of information.


Get your Sun-e-light today and light up your life!

  • Up to 12 hours of continuous use
  • Quick 8 hour charge time
  • Long lasting 12V/7AH battery
  • Powerful 11 Watt 12 Volt CFL lamp
  • 3G speed of up to HSPA 7.2M high speed

Sun-e-light in the news: